In my role as Creative Director for The LiRo Group, I completed numerous corporate identity projects. My goal was to transform the company's image and brand from a somewhat stodgy construction and engineering firm to something representative of a world class design firm working on some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the country. 

Higher Education Brochure

This piece was the first of a new set of service brochures I created for The LiRo Group. I designed the brochure format from the ground up to reflect the impressive number of first-class higher education projects the firm worked on. Rather than continue to use a standard letter-sized stapled brochure, I designed the format to be a 9x9 perfect-bound square. I personally shot many of the photos featured in the brochure.


LiRo Academy Campaign

As part of the company's effort to emphasize  a new continuing education initiative known as LiRo Academy, I designed a tri-fold mailer and a set of accompanying posters to publicize the effort. The campaign featured company employees as the models. I personally shot the photos. 


Stantec Regional Brochures

Accordian-style square format brochures marketing the firm's various services available in each region.


LiRo Biking Shirt Design